Email Marketing Services

With the Right Content, You Can Easily Reach Your Target Audience.

Take advantage of the massive reach of email marketing by utilizing it in your business strategy. With 3.9 billion daily users worldwide, email is the most widely used platform for communication.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect with your target audience and boost your sales. Let Procuebrand Internet Marketing Agency create a customized email marketing campaign tailored to your specific business goals.

What Is Email Marketing?

Build a Loyal Community for Your Busines

Email marketing is a crucial component of any digital marketing strategy, as it continues to be the preferred method of communication for consumers.

Studies show that nearly 61% of consumers prefer to interact with brands through email, despite the rise of mobile messaging and chat apps. At Procuebrand Internet Marketing Agency, we have years of experience in creating and executing effective email marketing campaigns that drive sales and build client relationships.

Our goal-driven approach ensures that your campaign aligns with your business objectives and reaches the right audience at the right time.

What is email marketing? Email marketing is a powerful tool for businesses looking to increase brand recognition, drive sales, and build customer relationships.

This technique involves utilizing email service providers to send out automated and personalized messages that include promotions, announcements, and other forms of marketing content, such as weekly newsletters, promotional alerts, customer survey forms, and event invitations.

Email marketing is a widely-used digital marketing tactic, with a majority of B2B and B2C businesses utilizing it to increase brand recognition, drive sales, and build customer relationships. By utilizing different email service providers, businesses can send out automated, personalized marketing emails to promote their brand and engage with their audience.

With a staggering 87 percent of B2B and 79 percent of B2C marketers utilizing email as a content distribution channel, it is essential to develop a strong email marketing strategy to stay competitive in today’s digital landscape. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect with your customers and drive sales, start planning your email marketing strategy today.

Why Email Marketing is Important for Your Business.

Without a solid understanding of email marketing and the ability to effectively execute campaigns for both B2B and B2C audiences, your business could be missing out on valuable opportunities for growth and promotion.

Don’t let this happen to your brand. Partner with a reputable email marketing company like Procuebrand Internet Marketing Agency to create a tailored, conversion-focused strategy that meets your unique needs and goals.

Our team offers a variety of email marketing services that can help you make the most of your digital marketing budget and reach your ideal customers.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how our services can benefit your business.

Why Email Marketing is Important for Your Business.

Increase Customer Value and Achieve Significant Results

Email marketing is a crucial aspect of digital marketing strategies. With a high return on investment and the ability to reach targeted customers, it is an effective method for generating leads and driving revenue growth.

Research shows that 61 percent of email subscribers prefer to receive promotional emails on a weekly basis and 83 percent of customers are more likely to spend more on a brand that they have received email marketing communications from.

The ROI of email marketing is also impressive, with marketers reporting an average of $38 for every dollar invested. It’s important to consult with an email marketing expert to create a strategy that aligns with your business goals.

The Importance of Email Marketing.

Despite the rise of social media, email remains a crucial tool for reaching customers and driving conversions. Many individuals still turn to their email inbox for special offers and promotions from their favorite brands. In fact, a significant portion of users 44 percent check their emails for these types of promotions, while only a small percentage of 4 percent look to social media for advertising information.

This is just the beginning. The vast array of possibilities that email marketing on the web provides puts you in a prime position to increase conversions for your business.

Still unsure about the significance of email marketing for expanding your brand? Here are additional reasons why utilizing an email marketing campaign service is crucial.

Build Customer Loyalty

Creating customer loyalty can be achieved by consistently interacting with the brand and communicating with clients through email marketing. This not only increases sales but also saves money as it is six to twelve times less expensive than other marketing channels like paid advertising or social media marketing. Targeted email campaigns can be used effectively to drive more business.

Expand Your Business Reach

Email campaigns can effectively expand the reach of your business by utilizing the high frequency of email checking and widespread use of email accounts. With the help of email marketing experts, you can target specific audiences on any device while maintaining compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act. This method is more efficient than traditional marketing methods.

Connect With Different Audiences

Email marketing allows for targeted, personalized communication to both B2C and B2B audiences. Instead of a generalized message, you can use unique discounts and codes, personalized messages and data-driven campaigns based on criteria such as birthdays, regions and customer lifetime value (CLV) to connect with different audience segments in a more personal way than traditional marketing methods.

Save Time and Effort

By utilizing email marketing for small businesses, franchises, and multi-location firms, you can save both time and effort compared to traditional marketing methods. There is no need to worry about postage or labels for each campaign, and targeted email marketing allows for quick and easy communication and engagement with your desired market segments, whether it be a small or large group. If you lack the time to learn about optimizing email campaigns, there are companies available to assist you.

Test Email Campaigns and Drive Strong Results

mail marketing online provides various methods for testing the effectiveness of your marketing strategies. A/B and multivariate testing can be used to evaluate nearly every aspect of your email campaign, including the subject line, timing, and content. This allows for valuable insights into where adjustments may be needed in your email marketing strategy to increase engagement and drive results.

Track Your Analytics

Email marketing software provides valuable data and analytics that can give insight into the performance of your targeted email marketing efforts and campaigns. Commonly reported engagement metrics include open rates, click rates, click-through rates, bounces, and conversions. With the help of an experienced email marketing specialist, these numbers can be analyzed and translated into useful applications to improve the reach of your audience and achieve your marketing goals.

With an average of 306.4 billion emails sent and received daily, it can be challenging to ensure that your email campaigns stand out and capture customer attention. Our email marketing agency can help you establish direct connections with prospects and clients and build customer loyalty.

We offer email marketing services for small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, and multi-location agencies. Explore how our email campaign services can be integrated into your overall marketing strategy.


Email Marketing Services That Increase Conversions.

Experiment with Unmatched Return on Investment

At Procuebrand Internet Marketing Agency, we utilize advanced email marketing software and ongoing training to offer automation services that improve ROI for our clients. Our email marketing services have been successful in driving business growth for our clients.

Factory Company


New Leads


Sales Volume

The company contacted our email marketing agency to improve its email campaign optimization and develop email marketing designs that could be used as templates for future marketing efforts. To streamline the client's lead generation process, our email marketing experts created four designs that align with the client's website branding. Our email marketing company utilized AMP HTML email code, which allowed for drop-downs, accordion menus, and other features not previously supported in older email versions.

Solar Company


Total Leads


Website Traffic

Our email marketing agency revamped the client's email marketing strategy and introduced drip marketing automation to improve the effectiveness of their email campaigns. We created email designs that were in line with the client's fun and retro branding. As a result of our targeted email marketing services, over the course of a year, we delivered 5,894 emails and generated 140 conversions with the new email designs and automated processes.

Our email marketing agency has a proven track record of success in helping businesses launch effective campaigns that save time and money. We offer specialized services for various industries, including eCommerce and Shopify.

Contact us to find out how we can help your business with email marketing.

Email Marketing Services for Small Business.

Build Your Credibility and Boost Your Response Rates

Investing in marketing is a crucial decision that requires careful consideration. To ensure that your marketing efforts are financially worthwhile, you must be confident that they will generate a return on investment.

Email marketing has been found to be an efficient way for small businesses to expand their customer base and grow their revenue. Research has shown that email marketing is nearly 40 times more effective than using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter in acquiring new customers.

Additionally, many experts in the industry believe that effective email campaigns can be instrumental in both gaining new customers and retaining existing ones.

Our data-driven email marketing services for small business can help you:

Are you curious about the impact of email marketing on small businesses?

Our email marketing services at Procuebrand can help you find out. Our agency provides drip marketing automation services that can enhance your small business marketing efforts and solidify your brand in the minds of customers.

Learn more about 1) what drip marketing is and 2) how our automation services can drive your business growth by contacting us today.

What Is Drip Marketing?

Increase Brand Engagement to Generate More Leads

Drip marketing automation is utilized by a majority of companies, around 51 percent on average, to improve their marketing results.

Drip marketing, also known as automated email marketing or drip campaigns, is a technique that uses software to send out a series of automated emails based on certain timeframes and actions taken by the user.

This type of email campaigns provide ongoing value to subscribers by gradually providing useful information such as brand updates or product previews, over time.

The ultimate aim of automated email marketing is to guide customers towards a final conversion point.

What are the features and functions of drip marketing software?

Email marketing companies use drip marketing software to facilitate your email marketing automation. Email marketing software:

What are the different types of drip marketing campaigns used in email marketing?

  • Top-Of-Funnel (TOFU) Drip: These campaigns are used to introduce prospects to your brand and start a conversation.
  • Educational Drip: These campaigns provide detailed information about your products and services to move prospects further down the funnel towards a sale.
  • Re-engagement Drip: These campaigns aim to re-engage customers who have become disengaged by offering special deals and incentives.

What are the benefits of using email marketing automation?

Are you in need of assistance with email marketing automation?

Our agency specializes in drip email marketing, which emphasizes relevance and timeliness. By closely analyzing user interest, information needs, and other behavior metrics, we are able to create highly targeted campaigns that achieve high open and click rates.

Partner with us and receive a comprehensive email marketing service that improves your drip marketing efforts. These campaigns aim to re-engage customers who have become disengaged by offering special deals and incentives.

Procuebrand’s Email Marketing Campaign Services.

Brand Communication Solutions That Increase Customer Satisfaction

As a reputable email marketing company, we customize our services to meet the needs and budget of each client. Our range of targeted email marketing services are designed to achieve specific email marketing goals.

Email Marketing Performance Audit and Strategy.

To stay ahead of changing trends, it is essential to adapt your email marketing strategy. Our email marketing company offers B2C and B2B email marketing audits to identify factors that impact your marketing success and resolve any disruptions to your strategy. Our email services include:

Campaign and Template Review

Our experts evaluate your past 12 months of email templates and campaigns to assess your email marketing performance and engagement. This involves examining your email design, subject lines, and calls-to-action (CTAs) to identify any problems or inefficiencies.

Technical Review

To ensure your emails are reaching the right inboxes, our specialists review any technical issues with your current setup, including spam complaints, deliverability issues, and the risk of domain and IP blacklisting.

Data Review

With 25-33% of email addresses becoming outdated each year, we review your email metrics, top- and lowest-performing campaigns, and subscriber demographics to ensure you're using updated email lists.

Program Review

This includes an evaluation of your email automation, audience segmentation, email list health, and overall email marketing strategy. The goal is to find ways to improve your marketing results.


Our specialists will present recommendations for code and design, content, and CTAs, as well as proposals on email frequency, send days and times, automation, and the potential for A/B testing.

Custom Template Design and Development.

Lacking the internal resources to create email marketing newsletters and drip campaigns? As your dedicated email marketing provider, we offer design, development, and deployment of updated email templates that align with your brand and desired user experience (UX). Our email campaign services include:

High-Quality Template Design

At Procuebrand, we believe that a great email goes beyond just being aesthetically pleasing. Our email marketing company designs newsletters and drip campaigns with clean code and responsive to all email clients and screen sizes.

Installation on Preferred ESP

Need help getting your template set up on your preferred email service provider (ESP)? Leave it to us! Our email marketing specialists will take care of transferring your completed design to your chosen ESP, so all you have to do is start sending emails.

Thorough Quality Assurance and Testing

Our email marketing firm thoroughly tests each newsletter and marketing email design using multiple industry-leading tools to guarantee they are well-coded, responsive, and perform as intended. Streamline your email creation process with the help of our email marketing company.

Custom Template Training

As a leading email marketing firm, we don't just provide a well-designed template. Our email marketing experts also educate your team on how to use it! Each delivered template comes with a video training recording that guides you through the design and email creation process.

Compatibility with Major Email Clients

We collaborate with your team to ensure our templates reflect your unique branding, preferences, and message. We guarantee that our email templates are compatible with 30+ email clients, devices, and operating systems (OS).

Email Marketing Management.

Looking for support with your monthly email services? Our email marketing firm works in conjunction with your internal team to craft a successful email marketing strategy that leads to long-term financial success. Our email marketing service offering encompasses:

Expert Marketing Goals and Target Audience Assessment

Maximize the impact of your email marketing efforts with our professional support. As a leading email marketing service provider, we work closely with you to understand your marketing goals and target audience. We assess the performance of your past campaigns, identify missed opportunities, and craft a customized strategy to help you achieve your desired results.

Brand Consistency and Asset Management

To achieve the best return on investment from your email marketing, it's important to maintain consistency in your branding. That's why we follow your brand guidelines closely. Our account managers keep track of all the necessary assets and develop a marketing calendar, so you know what campaigns are coming up next.

Comprehensive Campaign Design and Deployment

Take the hassle out of email marketing with our comprehensive service. From start to finish, we handle everything for you. Our email marketing newsletter team designs and develops custom email newsletters to meet your exact specifications. With us as your email marketing agency, you can be confident that we always keep your goals in mind.

Regular List Maintenance

Successful email marketing requires not only engaging your audience, but also ensuring you're targeting the right people. Our email marketing services provider aims to consistently improve engagement through regular list maintenance. This ensures that the right message is delivered to the right person every time.

In-Depth Campaign Tracking and Reporting

Stay on top of the performance of your email marketing campaigns with our detailed monthly reports. Our email marketing optimization team provides insights into key engagement metrics, such as open rate, click rate, conversions, and more. We also schedule regular check-ins with your team to discuss the report and make any necessary adjustments.

Continuous Management and Optimization

To keep your email service provider (ESP) performing at its best, additional work may be required. This can include additional segmentation, list cleaning, and revising your marketing strategy based on engagement metrics. Our email marketing team works tirelessly to optimize your account and keep it running smoothly.

Email Marketing Automation Management.

Maximizing your email marketing success goes beyond just sending monthly newsletters and campaigns. The key to elevating your email marketing strategy is automation. Our email marketing automation experts offer comprehensive solutions tailored to eCommerce, Shopify, and other business types.

Enhancing Email Engagement with Drip Campaigns

Maintaining a connection with your audience requires consistent communication. Our email marketing solution includes identifying the most effective drip campaigns for your business, and crafting multi-step campaigns to maintain audience engagement and drive conversions.

Personalized Welcome Series

When a new customer or lead provides their information, they are expressing interest in your brand. Welcome them warmly with a custom-designed welcome series, crafted by our email marketing experts. This multi-step sequence educates and guides your contacts towards conversion.

Win-Back Reengagement

At times, customers and prospects may lose focus and turn to competitors. Regain the attention of inactive contacts with our team's win-back reengagement campaigns, aimed at bringing them back to your list of active subscribers.

Targeted Web Activity Campaigns

Our email marketing approach leverages insights from your website activity to create highly targeted campaigns, delivering tailored content to each visitor. This advanced method makes product recommendations based on previously viewed items, actions taken, and clicks on specific webpages.

ESP Review and Migration.

Do you require a new ESP that better fits your needs or an upgrade from your current platform to gain additional capabilities? Are you facing difficulties with reporting, data, or integrations? Let us help you evaluate your options for the maximum return on investment for your email marketing efforts. Our services include:

Demo and Presentation

Are you unsure which email service provider (ESP) is right for your business? Our email marketing agency acts as a mediator between the ESP customer service team and your company. We arrange informative demos to help you understand your options and make an informed decision.

Data Migration and Setup

If you've decided on an ESP, we are here to ensure a smooth transition. Our services include data migration, integration setup, automation setup, email template transfers and migration, and domain authentication.

Initial Audit

Effective email marketing requires a thorough understanding of the challenges faced by your current ESP. Our email marketing agency conducts an initial audit to identify any missing reports, integrations, or automation needs.

ESP Research

We partner with top ESPs and thoroughly evaluate each platform to make the best recommendation for your needs. Our agency examines a range of options, from basic entry-level software to robust platforms, to provide you with the best fit.

eCommerce Email Marketing Services.

Are you searching for the ideal email marketing solution for your Shopify store or any other eCommerce platform? Our team of eCommerce email marketing specialists is knowledgeable in utilizing various email service providers to execute effective email marketing campaigns for your eCommerce business. Enhance your online business by utilizing our eCommerce email marketing services, which feature powerful automation tools.

ESP Transfer

If your current ESP is not meeting your eCommerce email marketing needs, our team can help you switch to a more suitable platform. We smoothly migrate your campaigns, templates, and contacts to your preferred ESP, ensuring minimal disruption to your business. We offer support for popular eCommerce platforms such as BigCommerce, Shopify, and WooCommerce.

Strategic Planning

Our eCommerce email marketing specialists assess your business and target audience to determine the best approach. We provide recommendations for automated campaigns, content strategies, discounts, and a plan for ongoing email newsletters. Contact us to learn more about our email marketing solutions for Shopify and other platforms.

Custom Template Creation

Our email marketing eCommerce team includes skilled designers and developers who craft unique templates to meet your needs. With extensive knowledge of Shopify email marketing and eCommerce best practices, we design templates that effectively engage your audience and drive conversions.

Automation Implementation

Our Shopify email marketing and eCommerce experts craft a plan to utilize predictive tools in building workflows and automated campaigns that promote future purchases. From abandoned cart sequences to welcome series and VIP reengagement, we have you covered.

Campaign Management

Looking for a team to create captivating eCommerce email marketing campaigns that keep your audience informed about your latest offerings and promotions? We plan, design, and test Shopify email marketing and other eCommerce campaigns to drive revenue and increase conversions.

Email Newsletters Services.

Stay connected with your audience and keep them informed about your brand’s latest updates, promotions, and marketing efforts with Procuebrand’s email newsletter service. As a leading email marketing service provider, we offer a budget-friendly solution that takes care of all the technical details for you. Our email newsletter service includes:

Customized Email Campaigns

At Procuebrand, we set up and run targeted email marketing campaigns that align with your marketing objectives, setting us apart from other email providers. Our team provides a simple solution for newsletter deployment and creates RSS-to-email feeds that keep your audience updated with your blog. Additionally, we establish complex automations with conditional follow-up emails that adapt to the stage your recipients are in the email marketing process.

Attractive Email Templates

Research suggests that people prefer emails with an appealing and professional design over simple text messages. Our email marketing experts design and develop a custom email template that matches your brand's style and caters to your specific needs. All of our templates are designed to be responsive on all devices and display properly on different screen sizes.

Promoting Products and Services

As a crucial aspect of our email newsletter service, we aim to provide our clients with a profitable email marketing strategy. Our team takes care to personalize the content of each newsletter to reach your target audience effectively. Your subscribers will receive email campaigns that give them what they want to hear and offer them what they want to buy.

Managing Your Email Newsletter List

We work closely with you to grow your email newsletter list consistently. Our email marketing specialists optimize your site to attract new subscribers and maintain your sending reputation with all mailbox providers. With our extensive industry experience, we aim to make your emails earn as many shares and minimize unsubscribes.

Email Blast Service.

Stay connected with your customers and prospects by keeping them informed about your brand promotions, product updates, and other Procuebrand’s email newsletter service. As a top provider of email marketing services, we offer a cost-effective solution that handles all the technical aspects for you. Our email blast service includes:

Refined Email List Segmentation

Don't risk having your email blasts sent to the spam folder. We categorize your email recipients based on factors such as age, gender, and user behavior, so your messages reach the right audience.

Professional Template Creation

Successful email marketing requires engaging subject lines and reader-friendly designs. Our team of experienced web designers and content writers will create email blast templates that grab attention and encourage action.

Strategic Recommendations

Our services go beyond template design. We also provide actionable recommendations to improve your email marketing efforts, using advanced email blast software to evaluate your strategy and suggest areas for improvement.

Campaign Performance Monitoring

We strive to provide the best email marketing service, which includes tracking and analyzing the results of your campaigns. Our email marketing consultants use email blast software to perform A/B tests, detect issues, and monitor performance.

Why You Should Go with Procuebrand for Your Email Marketing Campaign?

Maintain Contact with Prospects and Clients

When you work with Procuebrand Internet Marketing Agency, you’ll enjoy a range of benefits in addition to top-rated email marketing services. These benefits include:

Comprehensive Email Marketing Solutions

Are you in need of help with Shopify email marketing, drip marketing, email blasts, or email marketing automation? Our email marketing agency is one of the few that offer a complete range of email services. Whether you need just one service or a combination, our email marketing specialists are here to help.

Thorough Campaign Testing

We don't just design and launch email newsletters and marketing templates. To make sure your email marketing campaign produces great results, we test every aspect of your campaign, from the subject line and send schedule to the content, to determine the optimal approach to your web email marketing campaign.

Customized List Segmentation

We know that the best email marketing service varies based on the client's needs, demands, and target audience. That's why we conduct in-depth research and use advanced email marketing software to segment your audience list, making sure your emails are sent to the right recipients at the right time.

Integrated Digital Marketing Solutions

In addition to email marketing, our agency also offers a range of other digital marketing services such as search engine optimization (SEO), link building and online reputation management (ORM) to help you achieve a higher ROI, increased efficiency, better accessibility, and increased customer loyalty.

Customized Email Marketing Reports

We create email campaigns tailored to your specific needs and provide you with customized monthly reports on their performance, including open rates, website traffic, and sales/leads generated. You can easily track your email campaign's results using your Google Analytics dashboard or monthly reports at any time. Our email campaigns can also be integrated with Google Analytics to give you deeper insights into how recipients interact with your website.

Experienced Email Marketing Experts

Our email marketing team is highly experienced in using various email platforms and is always exploring new email marketing software, digital platforms, and strategies to provide you with the best email marketing service. Let us show you how our online marketing efforts can help your brand grow and excel.