Technical SEO

Build a Solid Digital Foundation and Rank High on Search Results

For every second your website takes to delay in your page load time, your bounce rate rises and you lose important leads. The technical search engine optimization (SEO) services provided by Procuebrand Internet Marketing Agency can help your website perform much better and attract more high-quality leads and visitors.

Why is Technical SEO important and what does it entail?

Technical SEO involves making sure your website complies with search engine standards so that it may be easily scanned, crawled and indexed. A technical SEO audit’s primary purpose is to assess your website’s existing SEO and identify the areas that need to be improved for a seamless online experience.

Over the years, Users’ demands have significantly changed throughout time, and search engines have advanced in intelligence. Globally, there are now approximately over 3.5 billion smartphone users, according to Statista. Due to the enormous increase in smartphone usage, Google has updated its algorithm, which now gives greater weight to mobile friendliness and site speed performance when ranking web sites.

Today, Google can penalize websites with faulty redirects, sluggish page loads, and poor site structure. These technical SEO problems might cause a sharp decline in search ranks and organic traffic if they are not addressed. Given that about 40% of clicks come from the top organic results, a drop in position might be bad for your business.

Technical SEO: The First Step to Improving Search Results Experience.

The best user experience is the primary goal driving algorithm improvements. To achieve this, you must have a thorough understanding of technical SEO, what it comprises, and how you can use an SEO technical audit to make sure your website complies with both industry standards and search engine guidelines.

Technical on page SEO includes several components, such as site speed, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), robots exclusion standard (robots.txt), XML sitemap status, and content quality. The performance of your website online depends on these factors. Google revealed that a 10-second page load time might cause a 124 percent rise in bounce rate. A one-second delay in the time it takes for a mobile website to load can result in a 21 percent loss in conversion rates, an 12 percent drop in page visits, and a 16 percent decrease in customer satisfaction.

Don’t wait until your site suffers negative SEO effects before addressing technical SEO issues. Save time and money later on by investing in technical SEO for WordPress, eCommerce, and other content management systems (CMS).

To explore more about technical SEO for WordPress and its importance to your business. Schedule a call with our technical SEO specialists.

Technical SEO Services for Local Businesses.

Without adding any new content, raise your search rankings

To increase the profitability of your website in this cutthroat digital world, you must keep up with the most recent technical on-page SEO tactics and algorithm changes. You can make sure your web pages are structured for both online visitors and search engine crawlers by understanding technical SEO and what it needs.

Technical optimization SEO involves the following processes:

Business operations while navigating the complex needs and processes of technical optimization SEO may be time-consuming, expensive, and resource-intensive. Our technical SEO specialists are available to help you.

Does the technical on-page SEO functionality of your website interfere with how well it performs in organic searches? Let our technical SEO company handle the hard work on your behalf. Realize your growth potential by entrusting Procuebrand with your SEO technical audit and optimization.

Technical SEO Services.

Develop Executable SEO Strategies for Successful Online Campaign

Technical SEO Audit

To find and address the technical SEO problems with your website, we conduct a thorough technical SEO audit. Important checkpoints covered by the audit include mobile performance, internal link structure, page speed, XML sitemap, indexation, crawl errors, robots.txt, and site architecture. We provide both short-term and long-term solutions based on the analytics data to enhance your website visitors' experience and boost your Google rankings.

Keyword Research & Strategy

The foundation of your digital marketing strategy is keyword research. Find out about current market trends and customer behaviour to make sure your website is using the right keywords. In order to evaluate your keyword ranks and optimise your web pages with effective search phrases, our SEO specialists analyse your niche and carry out technical SEO audits.

Analysis of Competitors

Discover your conversion opportunities by getting a thorough understanding of your competitors' optimization tactics. The keyword performance, search engine rankings, social media presence, and technical and backlink profile of your competitors are all evaluated by our technical SEO specialist. Through these procedures, we may develop tactics that will give you a definite edge in your specific niche market.

Meta Data Analysis

Meta tags that accurately describe the content of your page to both web users and search engines will increase your online exposure and drive more traffic to your website. In order to properly optimise your meta descriptions, title tags, meta keywords, alt attributes, and robots tags, Procuebrand does technical SEO for WordPress. In this approach, we guarantee that no mismanaged metadata will significantly degrade your SEO performance.

Image Optimization

Large images hinder the performance of your website and discourage visitors from remaining on your page. Technical SEO for eCommerce may speed up your website's load time and increase client traffic. Our specialists choose the appropriate file format, optimise your alt attributes, compress your photos' files, make use of image sitemaps, and make the most of image optimization plugins.

Speed Optimization

Your ranking and, more crucially, the online experience of your clients are both impacted by page speed. Our technical SEO specialists enable file compression to reduce the size of your CSS, JavaScript, and HTML files and make them smaller. In addition, we speed up server response times, utilize content distribution networks (CDNs), decrease redirection, take use of browser cache, and optimise your code.

Structured Data Markup

Use schema markup to make it simpler for search engines to crawl, interpret, and display your content. The elements on your website are highlighted, data tags are assigned, HTML is created, and schema markup is added. Our team tests your markup using Google's Structured Data Testing Tool in order to identify any issues.

Baclkink Analysis

With technical SEO for eCommerce and other platforms, you may better comprehend the possibilities of your website's online authority and search ranking. To make sure you receive incoming links from reliable and high-authority websites, our team conducts backlink studies. To find your referring websites, examine their site authority, and calculate the social share volume of the linked pages, we use a variety of backlink data sources.

Penalty Recovery

Algorithm updates or black-hat technical SEO for WordPress might result in Google penalty. Our SEO specialists use Google Search Console to determine the sort of penalties that apply to your website, evaluate your backlink building plans, and address variations on the original web pages and content that Google crawls in order to assist you in recovering from a penalty. Additionally, we also check all your redirects to ensure they work correctly.

Website Migration

Migrating a website is a delicate procedure. Create a solid migration plan to avoid losing important traffic. As part of our SEO-friendly website migration services, we assess analytics performance, map all new URLs from the old site to the new domain, update all internal links, remove duplicate content, handle 404 pages, and track traffic and rankings.

A Technical SEO Company that Gets Results.

Boost the Performance of your Website and Increase Organic Traffic

Online success for WordPress and other CMS depends on technical SEO. You can identify website difficulties, take fast action to fix them, and make sure all SEO components are functioning effectively if you have the suitable technical optimization SEO plan in place.

Leverage our SEO services to your advantage to achieve sustainable and profitable progress. When you work with our technical SEO company, you can expect the following:

Extensive Website Audits

The performance of your website is the product of several factors working together. For your technical SEO, sponsored campaign, conversion rate optimization (CRO), backlink profile, analytics, and competition, Procuebrand does thorough site audits. We may then base our business judgements on data and research.

Technical SEO Specialists

As a renowned authority in technical SEO, Procuebrand Internet Marketing Agency based in the Nigeria has Google-certified SEO specialists on our team will supervise your project from project evaluation to project conclusion. To guarantee that our services provide results, we identify, help plan, and put technical SEO suggestions based on data into practise. We also keep up with current market trends.

Full-Service SEO Solutions

Increase your conversion rates and future-proof your website with SEO services that are suited to your business. For Franchises, Amazon, Local Business, Shopify, and eCommerce websites, we offer technical SEO services. Our team gets rid of anything that makes your website run slowly, optimises the content of your pages, and humanises your brand to make it appealing to both online visitors and search engines.

Analytics and Reporting

Keep an eye on all of your online actions and monitor the success of your SEO campaigns. Our team uses analytics to acquire useful information and get the outcomes you want. In order for you to be aware of your marketing strengths, limitations, and possibilities, we also offer frequent consultations, email updates, and monthly reports.

Goal-Oriented Web Strategies

We ascertain and examine your present campaign status, marketing goals, and expectations during our initial consultation. We can then make sure that all of our SEO strategies are in line with your goals. Our team also makes use of a variety of distribution channels to boost traffic and leads to your website.

Proven Track Record

In order to help businesses in Nigeria and abroad boost their online presence, our technical SEO firm has teamed with hundreds of businesses. Through careful SEO technical assessments and the application of SEO tactics that are focused on achieving results, we were able to recognise and address several recurrent site issues. Learn more from our clients directly about the calibre of our technical SEO services. Select Procuebrand to raise your SEO.