Social Media Management

Drive Profitable Results Through the Proper Channels

Is your social media performance not meeting your goals? In today’s digital landscape, it takes more than just organic reach to be successful on social media. A solid strategy, complete commitment, and a defined budget are crucial. Paid advertising, such as sponsored posts, is necessary to get your content in front of your target audience.

To enhance your online visibility, Procuebrand Internet Marketing Agency integrates social media management into your overall marketing plan. The right Facebook or Instagram management services can help you attract, retain, and convert followers into customers. Our team’s experience managing social media campaigns for small businesses, enterprises, and franchises speaks to our effectiveness.

What Is Social Media Management?

A Tailored Approach for Exceptional Customer Interaction

Social media continues to evolve and its main objectives remain the same – to build connections, communicate and foster a sense of community. Research shows that 57 percent of consumers follow a brand’s social media presence to learn about new products or services. As a result, it is crucial for brands to post content that connects and engages with their audience and fosters a sense of community, instead of just promotional posts.

This is where social media management comes in. Also referred to as social media marketing management, it is a part of social media marketing (SMM) that encompasses the planning, creation, and publishing of content on social media platforms. It requires regular social profile evaluations and audience research to ensure the right content is being shared.

At Procuebrand, our approach to social media management is comprehensive, ensuring the best results for our clients. Our team integrates both organic and paid strategies for a balanced and effective solution.

Maximizing Your Social Media Reach through Seamless Integration

To truly make an impact on social media, it takes more than just sharing links. A successful social media marketing strategy requires a interconnected approach that brings together your audience, your content, and your business.

To fully realize the benefits of social media management, it’s crucial to not only understand its definition but also the key processes involved. By mastering these processes, you’ll be able to effectively leverage social media marketing to gain a competitive edge and enhance your overall marketing efforts.

Here are the essential components of a comprehensive social media management plan:

Strategy Development:

This involves creating a roadmap that outlines your social media goals, steps to achieve them, a timeline, and metrics to track progress. A well-defined strategy is crucial in determining the right platforms to use, identifying your target audience, choosing the type of content to create, measuring key performance indicators, and selecting the right social media management software.

Inbound Engagement Monitoring:

This involves responding to comments, questions, and interactions on all your social media content and profiles, and continuing conversations initiated by your followers. It's important to facilitate two-way communication with your audience on all platforms, whether through Instagram or TikTok management services, using mostly video content.

Analytics Monitoring:

This involves gathering and analyzing data against set metrics to measure the success of your campaigns. Monitor engagement metrics such as likes, shares, comments, impressions, and click-through rates to drive your social media management efforts for your business, franchise, or multiple locations.

The Importance of Social Media Management for Your Business.

Business owners and marketers understand the significance of social media in their digital marketing efforts. Therefore, it is usually included in their marketing plan from the start.

However, executing a successful social media marketing campaign is complex and requires multiple aspects to be managed effectively, such as creating a comprehensive strategy, posting high-quality content, interacting with customers, and implementing paid advertising.

These tasks require resources such as time, money, tools, and a team of experts to handle social media management for small businesses effectively.

Balancing these elements is the essence of social media management. Many businesses struggle to allocate the necessary resources to manage social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest in-house. The cost of hiring a team to manage each platform can be a challenge, especially for smaller businesses with limited resources.

Digital marketing encompasses a variety of online and offline strategies, including SEO, social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, eCommerce optimization, email marketing, and Amazon advertising. Social media marketing, on the other hand, is a subset of digital marketing that specifically focuses on promoting a brand through various social media platforms, such as Snapchat, TikTok, and YouTube.

The aim of social media marketing is to attract people’s attention and engage with prospects and customers. It may involve partnering with industry influencers, posting new and engaging content, and adopting marketing trends.

B2B social media marketing can deliver quick results, but relying solely on it is not enough for long-term success. As digital marketing experts, we advise incorporating other internet marketing tactics into your social media campaign.


Maximizing the Benefits with Eased Burden.

Business owners and marketers must be aware of the resources and cost needed for successful social media marketing. However, they should also be mindful of the substantial benefits a comprehensive strategy can bring. To get these benefits at a lower cost, consider working with a social media management agency.

Procuebrand’s senior social media manager, believes that when social media management is handled in-house, it often lacks the necessary attention and strategy to be effective. Don’t miss the opportunity to increase brand awareness, generate leads, and drive sales by trying to do it alone and falling short.

Invest in a Professional Team for Optimal Results.

Maximize the benefits of social media marketing by relying on a skilled and experienced outsourced team. Although technology and tools can streamline your processes, a professional with expertise in social media and content marketing is crucial for success.

At Procuebrand, we offer a comprehensive social marketing service for businesses of all sizes, providing you with an experienced marketer who can align their efforts with your overall marketing strategy and create content tailored to your target audience for maximum reach and engagement. Don’t miss out on the chance to raise brand awareness, generate leads, and drive sales. Invest in a professional team for optimal results.

How Top Social Media Marketers Reach Their Clients' Objectives

Discover the Ultimate Solution for Your Social Media Management Needs with Procuebrand

Procuebrand offers a wide range of social media marketing and management services, including Facebook and Instagram strategies, TikTok and YouTube management, and much more, making it a one-stop-shop for all business owners and marketers.

Our approach integrates social media growth tactics with email marketing campaigns for maximum impact and engagement. We also align your social media strategy with your website optimization efforts, helping to drive traffic and increase conversions. With Procuebrand, your social media and other marketing strategies work together seamlessly.

Reliable 5-Star Social Media Management Strategies.

Achieve Outstanding Results with Skilled Organic and Paid Tactics

With over 25 years of combined experience, Procuebrand’s marketing strategies have been proven successful by clients from diverse industries. Our results-oriented approach has earned us a reputation as a leading social media management company.

Our account managers, strategists, and specialists are dedicated to executing effective social media management strategies for both large enterprises and small businesses, resulting in exceptional outcomes.

ECommerce Store


Post Engagements


Instagram Followers

An eCommerce store enlisted our social media marketing services to enhance brand recognition and increase sales. To establish a trustworthy brand image and create a steady flow of leads, our social media marketing experts created a strategic ad campaign which produced the following results.

Fitness Company


Facebook Impressions


New Instagram Followers

A fitness company sought the assistance of our social media marketing team to grow their online following and increase monthly participants. Our company managed their Instagram and Facebook marketing campaign and after six months, our efforts resulted in the following outcomes.

At Procuebrand, we strive to expand your reach and boost your online interaction with social media marketing solutions customized to your specific requirements and brand identity.

Organic vs Paid Social: What’s the Difference?

Choose the Best Approach that Suits Your Objectives

Organic and paid social media management are two distinct strategies, and it’s important to understand the difference between them. Not all social media agencies offer proficiency in both approaches, so it’s crucial to know what you’re looking for. These two strategies are often used in conjunction to achieve a comprehensive social media marketing plan.

Organic Social: This approach utilizes the free tools provided by social media platforms to enhance brand recognition, share engaging content with your existing followers, and respond to customer inquiries. Crafting high-quality and relevant content can also increase your visibility in search engines.

Paid Social: This involves placing paid ads and sponsored messages on social media to target specific user profiles and expand your reach to a larger audience.

Our social media managers, have listed some of the key purposes of social media marketing management based on the type of strategy used:

Organic Social:

Paid Social:

Should you focus on organic social or paid social, or both? It can be challenging to reach social media users without some budget, but the benefits of organic social are worth the time investment. A small boost in budget can also be helpful in kickstarting your campaign.

The best option is to work with an agency or expert that can handle both organic and paid social strategies, who can identify the right platform for your growth and adjust campaigns based on results.

At Procuebrand, we have experts in both organic and paid social who can match clients with the best solution for their specific needs, and our long-term partnership can lead to more efficient and effective results.

Types of Social Media Management for Business Owners

A Social Media Management Agency for Companies of All Sizes

Procuebrand provides tailored social media management solutions to companies in various niches, from organic Facebook and Instagram marketing to YouTube and Twitter advertising. We research your industry thoroughly and determine the best social platforms for your business sector and align our strategy and campaigns with your business goals.

Our social media management services cater to a wide range of industries, including:

  • Small businesses
  • Franchises
  • Enterprises
  • Multi-location businesses

We also offer white label social media management packages to other digital marketing agencies, who use our services to improve their clients’ social media presence and engagement. This enables us to support digital marketers who are still developing their social management teams and offerings.

Procuebrand's Expertise in Managing Different Social Media Platforms.

Maximizing Your Social Media Reach to Target Your Ideal Audience

Procuebrand, as a renowned social media management company, is capable of managing various platforms and catering to different needs. Whether you are searching for an Instagram management agency or want to compete with YouTube management companies, Thrive has a wide range of capabilities to deliver the best results. Our expertise lies in integrating all platforms to drive the best outcome.

Facebook Management

With over 1 billion daily active users, Facebook is a powerful platform for reaching a vast audience. It offers low-cost marketing, precise targeting, and the opportunity to engage with followers organically. By signing up for Procuebrand's Facebook management services, you can take advantage of these benefits and receive strategy recommendations, content creation, comment monitoring, and paid advertising management, among other services.

Twitter Management

Twitter is a great platform for joining conversations relevant to your target audience, promoting causes that align with your brand values, and building a community. Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, Procuebrand's Twitter management experts can help you devise a cohesive strategy that's specific to this platform.

Instagram Management

One third of Instagram's 1 billion monthly active users have purchased a product through the visual storytelling app, making it a valuable platform for sales. Thrive, an experienced Instagram management agency, can help you optimize this platform by managing vanishing and user-generated content, creating gallery posts and Instagram stories, and handling interstitial ads.

LinkedIn Management

Procuebrand's experts see LinkedIn as an ideal platform for B2B companies to reach executives and decision-makers. We leverage the platform's native social media management software to execute lead-generating enterprise social media management. Our suite of LinkedIn management services aim to enhance your brand credibility, demonstrate your thought-leadership, give you an advantage over competitors, and gain market trust.

YouTube Management

YouTube's popularity is well-known, and its success is tied to its ability to provide relevant videos to users. Your brand can participate in this by incorporating technical search engine optimization (SEO) best practices into your channel. Thrive's YouTube management approach makes it easy for you, by researching and applying the appropriate title tags and descriptions to your video uploads.

Pinterest Management

Maximize your add-to-cart and checkout rates by sharing your eCommerce catalog on Pinterest with Thrive. We are dedicated to posting, optimizing, and positioning your pins strategically. Our social media management business strategists also respond to inbound engagement such as comments, questions, and feedback.

TikTok Management

TikTok has rapidly become a global platform and has transformed social media for small businesses. With TikTok for Business solutions designed for targeting, Thrive's specialists can help you establish an authentic connection and empower the next generation. Trust our specialists, who understand how the platform works, to manage your social media content.

Ready to discuss how Procuebrand’s social media marketing services can get more people to advocate for your brand? Contact our social media marketing firm now to learn more about how to use social media for marketing.

Procuebrand’s Social Media Management Services.

Leverage Our Expertise to Drive Qualified Leads

Social Media Marketing

Connect with your target audience and promote your offerings quickly and effectively through social media platforms. Our social media management services include market research, strategy development, consumer engagement, and campaign-based social media marketing management to maximize your brand visibility and achieve your business goals.

Social Media Advertising

Maximize your reach with social media advertising – a trend that keeps 63% of consumers engaged. Trust Thrive's experts to develop a customized advertising plan on the platforms where your target audience is active. We create tailored ads that appeal to your target audience, align campaigns with your budget, and help you maximize your return on ad spend.

Social Media Brand Management

Your brand is at the center of your social media presence. Procuebrand provides comprehensive brand management services across multiple platforms, from Facebook management to TikTok management. Our custom solutions help you establish a positive brand image, expand your reach, and increase sales and profits.

Social Media Audience Expansion

According to Forrester research, 80 percent of customers prefer to engage with brands via social media. If you aim to expand your market and grow your social following, trust Thrive for a sustainable growth strategy. Our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram management services offer an integrated approach, including social media invite emails and website follower growth buttons.

Social Media SEO

Maximize your online exposure and ensure your links appear in social search results with proper social media optimization. Our dedicated social media management team will guide you in distributing links on your social profiles, increasing visibility and extending their lifespan. Social media optimization can also help you take advantage of the fact that search engines may index your organic posts if they are relevant to users' queries.

Website Design and Development

When directing visitors from your social pages to your website, make sure they have a smooth and easy experience. Our social media management team also checks if your website is functional, and optimized according to best practices. Our web design and development experts create a responsive and mobile-first website to improve conversions.

Video Production

Enhance the understanding of your product or service by showcasing videos on your social media accounts. Videos are a powerful marketing tool, and our in-house team is equipped to handle full video production, unlike other YouTube management companies who outsource. Our experts in video production will conceptualize, shoot, edit and finalize your advertisement, demonstration, explanation, event highlights or customer testimonials.

Social Media Content Creation

Studies indicate that over 50 percent of consumers turn to social media to research products. Grab their attention with high-quality and compelling posts created by Procuebrand's social media content management experts. We create organic social content that captivates your followers and drives decision-making, while paid social content generates traffic and leads to your website.

What is Social Media Management for Agencies or White Label Social Media Management?.

Boost Your Social Media Strategy with Customizable Content

You may be familiar with the various social media marketing services, but what is white label social management? It’s a service designed for smaller social media management firms or agencies with limited resources. It allows marketing companies that lack the in-house social media expertise to offer social media management or marketing to their clients.

With a partnership with a reliable white label social media management company, digital marketing agencies with a social media team can now offer social marketing services to their clients. This helps these agencies to establish themselves as full-fledged social media management agencies.

Our exclusive white label service provides the following benefits to our partners:

Why Choose Procuebrand for Your Social Media Needs.

Maximize Your Growth Potential with Customized Social Packages

Why more and more small-business owners are turning to experts for help. At Procuebrand, we understand that every business is unique, with different needs and goals. That’s why we offer flexible social packages tailored to meet your specific requirements, no matter your industry, business size, or budget.

With more than two decades of combined experience in social media marketing, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Our team of data-driven professionals will manage and steer your social media accounts, ensuring they are working towards your desired results. So, look no further for your “social media management near me” needs, and let Procuebrand help you excel.

Below are some of the benefits you can expect:

Deliverable-Based Packages

At Procuebrand, we manage both small and large deliverables for clients each month. For example, if you choose our Instagram management services, we will provide a customized list of tasks that will be completed within the set deadline. We use the best social media management tools and techniques to meet or exceed your expectations.

Expertise in All Areas

We will match you with the best social media management strategist based on your specific needs. Our paid and organic teams have specialized skills to cover all areas of social media, whether you want pay-per-click advertising through our LinkedIn management services or prefer organic posting through our Pinterest management services. We provide social media management for small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, and franchisees.

Dedicated Account Managers

Procuebrand functions as an extension of your marketing team. As a direct or white label client, you will have a dedicated account manager who will work closely with you from start to finish. Your account manager will be your point of contact, providing you with regular updates on your progress.

Quality Content at the Forefront

The world of digital marketing, including social media content management, is constantly evolving. Our teams are adaptable, adjusting their strategies and techniques as needed to stay ahead of the curve. One key shift we have made is to focus on producing high-quality content, rather than just increasing the frequency of posts, for all our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter management services.

Cutting-Edge Trend Monitoring

Do you feel let down by the lackluster results from previous social media management companies? Here at Thrive, we don't shy away from changes in the industry. We are proactive in identifying and staying on top of the most relevant trends and the best social media management tools to ensure success for our clients.

Stay Informed with Regular Reports

To stay up-to-date on the status of your campaign, we provide semi-monthly and monthly reports. Your dedicated account manager is also available to answer any questions you may have about our franchise or enterprise social media management solutions. Additionally, you will have real-time access to your data through Procuebrand's proprietary social media management software, also known as the online client portal.